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Founded on June 18, 1988 Perfect Grow, specializes in the design and manufacture of customized buildings suitable for a wide variety of applications. The company’s “Customer First” strategic marketing focus coupled with sound fiscal management has resulted in consistent sales growth and a financially strong corporation. Located approximately 130 miles north of Riverside County California, Perfect Grow utilizes a modern state of the art manufacturing facility totaling approximately 58,000 square feet

Built above maximum standards and regulations

The Bureau of Cannabis prioritizes a hefty increase in regulations for cannabis cultivation. Partitioned dividing walls allow clear and clean separation between seedling, growing or processing spaces.
These are some 8106 notations that will shape designated cultivation space: (A) Canopy area(s) (which contain mature plants, at any point in time) including aggregate footage (B) Area(s) outside of the canopy where only immature plants shall be maintained, if applicable (C) Designated pesticide and other agricultural chemical storage area(s) (D) Designated processing area(s) if the licensee will process on site (E) Designated packaging area(s) if the licensee will package products on site (F) Designated composting area(s) if the licensee will compost cannabis waste on site (G) Designated secured area(s) for cannabis waste if different than subsection (F) above (H) Designated area(s) for harvested cannabis storage

Perfect grow CA builds above these standards so there is never a question of compliance with your operation.

  • We offer services in

    • We offer Services in
    • Industrial Building
    • Grow Rooms
    • Sub Zero freezer Rooms
    • Fully Equip Edibles Kitchens
    • Extraction Rooms
    • All our Constructions are custom Builds  No cookie cutter construction here.

Grow & Extraction Rooms

Our Containment Grow rooms are constructed with environmental controls to get the maximum possible potential from clones, flowers, and seedlings to full maturity and harvesting. Each room is built with containment walls self-support the ceilings, electrical, and sometimes the HVAC system. Our experts come onsite and manage the end to end construction and installation of all systems providing you with a true turnkey custom solution for your needs. We handle the permit and application process. All you have to do is watch your business grow.

  • We design rooms and install components for all extraction methods and C1-D1/D2 Compliance

    • Modular rooms built to your specifications.
    • Lighting.
    • Ventilation equipment.
    • Extraction equipment.

Our Products

At Perfect Grow, our goal is to develop lasting relationships with our customers, beginning with the very first telephone call. From the beginning, each customer is assigned a personal sales representative to assist them in every aspect of the sale. Customer requests for product quotes are usually responded to within an hour and always within 24 hours. We strive to provide the best in sales and service, from quote to product delivery, with the emphasis on meeting our customers needs better than anyone else. To help ensure our customers complete satisfaction, our customer service representatives are here to address any specific concerns which may arise following product shipment.

Refrigeration Freezers

We provide all of your refrigeration equipment needs. We specialize in low temprature systems down to -50F. Our refrigeration components are some of the best made in the industry.

Grow Rooms

We offer the best and latest equipment in the business. All rooms are designed to proper temperature, humidity and sizing specifications for the types of plants you are producing.

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